BITAA Technology Is a unique development firm offering a variety of services from Custom Web Design Development to complete Internet oriented Software. We have created and launched hundreds of successful applications since our inception, for variety of different businesses in a range of industries.
 is a subsidiary of BITAA Technology Ltd. Wordpot was established in March 2005 and is focused on finding niche advertising keywords and optimizing Google AdWords©. helps Online Advertisers find more targeted keywords and phrases that are relevant to thier business. provides key statistics on search terms such as exact and gross searches. This data is invaluable to online marketers who want to get the most from their online advertising budget. has been built with the latest and AJAX technologies. Many technical challenges were overcome during the development of this project including developing technology to query our keyword database which consists of more than 80 million search terms.

Inventory Management System
Integrated solutions of BITAA Inventory Management manages front and back office operations on an online web-based system.

BITTA's Vehicle Inventory Management System is an affordable system that has been up and running on many sites such as

BITAA offers customized web page design or re-design solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Automated Billing System (ABS)
Bitaa's ABS is a web-based billing system; ABS provides multi user web-based billing that helps to streamline your business. From simple one off credit card transactions through to recurring invoices ABS is the perfect solution.

BITAA's ABS is flexible and can work with many differnent credit card processing companies and its API is simple to integrate into your existing software. If you require credit card processing or automation of monthly invoicing ABS is the product for you.

Early Development Instrument(EDI)

BITAA has developed a web based research tool for the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) program at the University of British Columbia.

The tool will collect data used to research the learning development of children across the province of British Columbia.

BITAA Developed a multi language site in both english and french with multi levels of user access. The priorities for this project included ensuring the security of childerens data and a clean user interface to ensure accurate collection of data and ease of use.

Bullet Ad Server is the future of online advertising:
The most enhanced, complete, affordable advertising tool designed and developed by a team of developers, with over five years of experience in advertising.

Bullet Ad Server guarantees stability, reliability and performance that will help your company by lowering the advertising costs. With its high efficiency and low maintenance, Bullet Ad Server will give you the crucial competitive advantage in advertising market.

Bullet Ad Server is expected to be released in the summer of 2008.

BankruptcyOne is a sample of BITAA's RIA (Rich Internet Application) web based software development. BankruptcyOne is being developed in conjunction with bankruptcy attorneys in the United States to significantly improve the interaction between an attorney and client, from contact to case completion.

BITAA'S integrated BankruptcyONE software utilizes:
Adobe Coldfusion
Adobe Flash
Flash Media Server

in order to create a cutting edge application that has many features. Some of these include Online Chat, Multiuser Editing, Interactive Media and Video Presentations, Dynamic PDF Generation and more.

Contact management for home offices & individuals. Adaptable and Affordable Contact Management Software for small to mid-sized businesses. BITAA's Contact Management System is adaptable to meet the needs of companies in various industries. Attract prospects and win new customers while increasing repeat business.

BITAA has a wide range of experience and knowledge in developing any automated systems.
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