“We must credit the child with enormous potential and the children must feel that trust. The teacher must give up all his preconceived notions and accept the child as a co-constructor.”
Loris Malaguzzi


Bitaa is an activities resource developed at a childcare centre with over 25 years in the business of early childhood education. We follow the Reggio Emilia Approach, and it has translated to the Bitaa Daily Activity Book in the form of focusing all activities on the child as a capable and competent individual. We have piloted this resource in our centres and found that it is incredible adaptable to different age groups, environments, settings, and group sizes.

Whether you are working with four children or twenty-four grade school aged kids, this resource has something for any situation. The activities not only build on skills from the seven core developmental domains but also help to build a broader sense of confidence in the learning environment for students and educators alike.


In today’s world, people are inundated with information. That goes for the realm of education as well. There are an infinite number of books, programs, blogs, resources, and websites that claim to have educational material. This app takes away the work of searching through all these complex sources by providing the educator or parent with hand picked activities from a variety of locations.

Additionally, activities in this resource are minimalist. There is no single set of rules for completing any activity, only guidelines and suggestions, which makes this resource incredibly flexible to individual skillsets and needs.


This resource helps children construct who they are as a learner. The activities provide opportunities for self-expression in the education environment. The goal is to help children develop confidence as learners, to see themselves as capable and creative, and to understand that they are able to direct their own learning experiences.

Due to the diversity of activities in this app, children are also provided the opportunity to explore their own interests and talents and discover what they like, what they are good at, and how to build on those skills.


This resource allows the educator to also explore their own skills and approaches. Activities provide the user with the peace of mind that they will always have something ready to go. They may rest easy knowing that ideas or inspirations are at their fingertips. This activity also allows for self-reflection on the methodology used by parents, caregivers, and educators. It allows for consideration of what works well, and what needs improvement in order to produce the best educational environment for children.

Additionally, this resource is incredibly dynamic. We are constantly striving to improve the materials we provide by adding the collection of activities, and testing out best practices.


We have filtered information from many sources in order to provide the best possible activities all in one place. We believe that children benefit the most from inquiry and self-directed learning.