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Health and Safety Statement


The purpose of this resource is to provide education activities for a variety of age groups with simple and easy to use materials.

We do our best to make guidance and safety recommendations for each activity, and to make sure that all materials and activities are safe for children, and to stay-to-date on relevant health and safety considerations, however sometimes the guidelines on the use of certain materials and practices change unexpectedly. Therefore, when using this resource it is always important to follow the guidelines of Health Canada and your other relevant, local authorities.

Ultimately users of this resources take it upon themselves to be aware of best practices regarding health and safety for their children. Different families, and children may have different concerns and needs, and so the responsibility of decision-making, age-based adaptations, and individual adaptations regarding health and safety belongs to the parents and educators using the resource.

Resources and Links

Below are some links to relevant health and safety resources, or places where health and safety updates may be shared. Please note that this is NOT an extensive list and that it does NOT cover all the relevant health and safety resources you may want to take into consideration. Be sure to look at other resources and authorities that are relevant to your circumstances.

Health Canada:

Government of Canada may post recalls and safety alerts here:

HealthLink BC:

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Health and Safety Statement, please feel free to contact us here:


We have filtered information from many sources in order to provide the best possible activities all in one place. We believe that children benefit the most from inquiry and self-directed learning.